"When I create, I think about the world. If what I create improves it, I call it Pànchic."

L. dal Bello

It's been said that Pànchic was born of a pure thought, a rough hand and a painter's palette.

The pure thought is Pànchic's regard for the world and its ability to inhabit it cleanly, leaving it just the way we found it, without fouling it, united in a sustainable relationship.

It also stands for originality, absence of conditioning, the ability for stylish expression and the uniqueness of the emotions. That is exactly the first impact you get when you look at a Pànchic collection, the ability to "not look like anything else" despite our simplicity.

The rough hand represents Pànchic's craftsmanship and its dedication to the art of handmade goods, designed to achieve three main objectives: quality, fit and reliability. Quality beyond production, which is all about improving life. Fit beyond comfort that finds its success in its design. Reliability beyond life span that finds its model in trust.

The palette represents the pleasure of bringing colour into everything we do, and is thus coloured to face the world and life, because we are serious but not sad. Our palette is a collection of contrasting shades that unite harmoniously with one another, in order to be without appearing to be.

This is pànchic.